Holloway Martin Creative Intro

The first video using After Effects....Promotional, of course!

Mandy's List

Find out who you are meeting before you meet them! Mandy's List will legitimately and legally snoop for you so you don't have to!

Colorado LGTBQ Chamber of Commerce, Denver

Short display ad for their Tuesday Morning Networking breakfast meetings in Denver, Colorado.

Terra Piedra - Houston, TX

These semi-precious stones and gem specimens have been discovered and gathered from all over the world by two Houston physicians who took up the hobby of collecting them over 50 years ago.

Intrinseco, Inc. - Houston, TX

Founded in 2009 at the deepest point in the recession, Intrinseco was created by three software engineers whose companies were badly hurt by the downturn. They gathered their laptops, set up shop at a local Starbucks, and started their own company.

Healthmate Media

HealthMate Media is creating a series of books based on health and wellness called Little Red Books. The first publication has been released and contains favorite recipes that are altered to lower fat and sugar, lowering the calories and substituting healthier ingredients without losing the taste and flavor!


Intrinseco Inc., a software development company based in Houston, Texas, has created a subsidiary for teaching project management via online classes and also onsite using the customer's venue.